Bo and Gabrielle → November 14, 2002 (x)

Bo: You’re not going to let the blonde menace ruin our perfectly great evening, now are you?

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Transcripts → January 31, 2002: Bo Arrests Gabrielle

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Bo: Well, Hank, this better be good. What did they take?

Hank: They took a dress.

Bo: One dress? Is that all? (Chuckles) You call me all the way down here because one dress is missing?

Hank: Well, Bo, it’s not about the dress. It’s about the woman who took it.

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Bo and Gabrielle → May 31, 2002 (x)

Bo: Do you want to move out of here?

Gabrielle: Not really.

Bo: Do you want that job at The Banner?

Gabrielle: Be awfully nice.

Bo: Okay, then guess what, it’s yours, you know? No strings attached.

Gabrielle: What?

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Bo and GabrielleSeptember 13, 2002 (x)

Gabrielle: We are a little backwards. You know, we start by living together first, then we try the dating thing.

Bo: Oh, no, no dating! No date! I don’t like dating!

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Transcripts → January 24, 2002: Gabrielle Confides In Bo

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Gabrielle comes through the door wearing Bo’s sweater and clutching a newspaper. She closes the door behind her and then turns into the wall, crying.

Bo: Rough day?

Gabrielle jumps as Bo approaches from the kitchen.

Gabrielle: Hi, Bo. You startled me.

Bo: I’m sorry.

He begins to walk towards her and notices she’s wearing his sweater. He opens his mouth to comment but then notices she’s crying and decides against it.

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Bo and GabrielleJune 7, 2001 (x)

Bo sees Gabrielle for the first time in ten years.

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Transcripts → January 9, 2002: Gabrielle Moves In With Bo

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Max: Tell me I heard wrong. Tell me you’re not really going to take Gabrielle in.

Bo: You heard what I said.

Asa: This is my son’s idea of a very bad joke.

Bo: This is no joke, Pa.

Max: You’re actually going to let her con you?

Gabrielle: Bo, uh is this actually on the level? You’re going to let me stay with you?

Bo: Absolutely. So why don’t you get your things and we’ll leave.

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Bo and GabrielleMay 10, 2002 (x)

Gabrielle: Anyway, at that point I was at… my wits’ end, and I took a walk to the river, and I… I seriously considered throwing myself… into the river.

Bo: That’s when I found you.

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Bo and GabrielleSeptember 13, 2002 (x)

Gabrielle: And do you know what’s amazing?

Bo: What?

Gabrielle: This.

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Transcripts → January 8, 2002: Bo asks Gabrielle to Move In

Gabrielle is sitting at a table at the Palace, eating alone, when Renee approaches.

Renee: The maitre d’ told me that you were here. I thought it must be a mistake.

Gabrielle: Well, of course I’m here. This is the best restaurant and hotel in town. Oh, I shall be needing a suite tonight, too, Renee.

Renee: What you need and what you get — (she takes the plate away from Gabrielle) — are two very different things.

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